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Among first boats of Amsterdam Canal Pride, there was a boat from a country where being queer is punishable by death, Iran.

IranPride in Amsterdam Pride Walk 2018
رنگین‌کمانی‌های ایرانی در رژه افتخار آمستردام

"I wanted to show the world that Iran is not all about war & Islam, but there are living people who love each other."

A view from inside of the IranPride Boat
Dit was Pride Amsterdam 2018

The spotlight of this year is on the IranPride Boat, an initiative of Iranians in the Netherlands.

Iran Boat in Amsterdam Canal Pride 2017
Canal Parade in Amsterdam, met Iraanse boot

The Iran Boat that didn't sail last year is sailing this year in the Amsterdam Pride. It's punishable by death in Iran to be a LGBTIQ.

Drukte in Amsterdam voor kleurrijke Canal Parade

From the boxes [where boats where waiting for their turn], you could hear people who sings with loud Persian music.

An Iranian on the board of the IranPride boat holds a sign says
Opluchting op de Iraanse boot

There would be eighty boats with their own character in Pride Amsterdam such as the IranPride Boat.

Hoogtepunt op de Canal Parade

He [Rik] chose this (Bride) dress because it's a unique day for him.

IranPride 2018 Drag queens
Tweede kans

This is extremely courageous of those who stand on the Iran Boat.

IranPride Boat during Amsterdam Canal Pride 2018
Pride Amsterdam: ‘Op die boten staat niet zomaar een aantal feestvierders’

Personally, I think the Iran Boat is most special boat that is going to sail with Iranian refugees.

IranPride Boat in Amsterdam Canal Pride 2017
Rik van de Westelaken prijst Pride en wijst op nut

The pop-artist have unveiled his new work that he created for Amsterdam Pride. Iranian refugees and citizens in the Netherlands have removed the veil.

De pop-art-artiest heeft het kunstwerk speciaal voor Pride Amsterdam gemaakt. Uit Iran gevluchte homoseksuele mannen en vrouwen hebben het doek onthuld
Speciaal kunstwerk

Iranian queers in the Streets of Amsterdam

IranPride in Amsterdam Pride Walk 2018 - Photo: Farzad Seifikaran - (CC) JoopeA
خیابان‌های آمستردام زیر پای رنگین‌کمانی‌های ایران

Pride Walk Amsterdam 2018: IranPride group among the rest of participants

IranPride in Amsterdam Pride Walk 2018 - Photo: Farzad Seifikaran - (CC) JoopeA
Pride Walk Amsterdam 2018 Live