Who we are

IranPride® is a project by JoopeA® Foundation! This Privacy Policy is a brief text extracted from full JoopeA Foundation’s Privacy Policy. For the full text please visit this link.

Here are the list of web addresses referring to IranPride:

  • https://iranpride.org
  • https://iranpride.net
  • https://iranpride.info
  • https://pride.joopea.info


JoopeA Foundation and all it’s projects including IranPride are aligned with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We do not save, track nor compile users data in any way except:

  • When filling a form for specific activities such as Pride registration, commenting or signing up for newsletters, beside the info that you provide deliberately in the form, we save your IP. This IP is saved only for spam detection and is not being used in any other way. We strongly recommend to use secure VPN always to mask your IP.
  • Our websites store Cookies in your browser history. This Cookies are used for spam filtering. However, it’s possible that other harmful tools such as Malwares, data collectors, Security Services or even hackers get advantages of this Cookies to know that you visited our websites. We strongly recommend to set your browser to delete history automatically by every close.
  • Third party services such as Google Analytics, Cloudflare DDoS protection, etc. do save your general data such as region, browser brand and version, operating system, time of visit, etc. although we tightened their hands as mush as possible to not to include any personal data. The data these services stores are explained in details on JoopeA Foundation Privacy Policy page.

For the details of how we save & process these data please visit JoopeA Foundation Privacy Policy page.