In brief, the Pride Commission of Iran or Iran Pride is a facilitator & promoter of gays, lesbians, transgenders, intersex people & all queers who speaks Persian & theirs alliances to participate in Pride Parades around the world and hopefully one day in Iran.


Why Iran Pride?

Our Background, Our Story!

Through history, queers are one of the biggest minorities whom their rights has been forgotten, ignored & violated. And the worst are those of us who were born in countries that has bad track records in Human Rights.

Pride Parades that has started more than 50yrs ago as riots against the discrimination, is one of the best opportunities that call gays, lesbians, transgenders, intersex & other queers out of their comfort zone to fight for their rights while enjoying the festivities…

It’s a unique chance to go hand in hand to make our Dream come true!

That’s why in 2009 the first Iran Pride gathering shaped in Tehran to bring Iranians, Persian-speaking queers & their alliances together to participate in Pride Parades around the world & join forces for equal rights for all.

Years after the first gatherings in Tehran, Iran Pride has registered officially in Amsterdam.

What is IranPride?

Iran Pride is an initiative JoopeA Foundation that is now running by join hands of multiple organizations around the world. To get to know the member organizations visit the members page.

Iran Pride main objective is to increase the social integration & participation of LGBTIQ people who are from Iran or Persian-speaking communities regardless of region of residence, ethnicity, religion, language, political view, etc. But to achieve such objective, the first step is to increase the visibility of LGBTIQ people in Persian-speaking communities.

The short-term objective is to empower Iranian queers, grow the self-steam, decrease the self-shame & facilitate the social engagement. The Iran Pride join forces with local organizations to mobilize Persian-speaking queers to join the Pride Parades around the world & be proud of who they are. We hope to see queers of Iran in each & every Pride Parades around the world.

What does Iran Pride do?

IranPride organizes participation of Iranian queers in Pride Parades

IranPride builds websites, handles banner designs & implementations for the local groups


IranPride promotes local events to maximize the participation & advertises the outcomes to increase the local groups’ popularity

Mobilizing People

IranPride helps local groups to gather as many people possible to participate in parades


Handling the official registrations, reports & paperworks


Coaching local organization to increase social engagement


IranPride connects local groups to international network of Human Rights initiatives


IranPride has won the “Best Participant” award of Pride Amsterdam in 2018

Aug. 5, 2018

JoopeA has been chosen as one of the six headliners of the Netherlands in LGBTIQ+ Rights in year 2017

Jan. 21, 2018

The brand “IranPride®” is created by JoopeA™ Foundation in 2016 & registered in 2018 to be used as abbreviation for “Iran/Iranians Queer/LGBTIQ Pride Parade” & “Iran/Iranian Queer/LGBTIQ Pride Day“.

The IranPride brand is registered Copyright(©) by JoopeA & then released under Public Domain to protect it as a usable, accessible, open & free term/brand for everybody at all times. The brand IranPride or similar phrases such as “Iran Pride”, “Pride Iran”, “IranLGBT”, “ایران‌پراید”, “پراید ایران” etc. can’t be owned, used as an organization name or being copyrighted by any entity, individual or product. JoopeA is solo owner of this brand to guarantees it to stay open & free of all sort of use except the usages that might result in ownership.