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Iranian queer organizations demanded the presence of Iran's LGBTI+ community in the 2023 pride parades.

Inclusive rainbow flag in a demonstration
Iran Pride demands unity for Pride

IranPride in Canada: Stop violence against Queers in Iran

رژه افتخار ایرانیان در کانادا

De Iraanse boot vaart tijdens Pride 2018 zodra homoseksualiteit in het Iraanse wetboek van strafrecht staat.

Proud of Pride: Canal Parade 2018 op de Amsterdamse Prinsengracht

Every year, there are some very special boats. This year, for instance, there was a heroic boat with LGBTQIA people from Iran.

Amsterdam Pride 2018: Canal Parade and Melanie C

IranPride has won the Amsterdam Pride Award!

We Won the Hearts!

Iranian Queers won the Pride Amsterdam award

دگرباشان ایران جایزه رژه افتخار آمستردام را بردند

Newcomers will join the Canal Pride with the IranPride Boat, an initiative of Iranians in the Netherlands.

‘Iedereen mag zijn wie hij wil zijn’ tijdens de Canal Parade

The IranPride Boat with the slogan "I am Hero!" has won the award of the best participant of the Amsterdam Pride.

قایق افتخار دگرباشان ایرانی با شعار «من قهرمانم» برنده رژه افتخار آمستردام شد

The IranPride Boat that sailed yesterday during the Canal Pride won the Amsterdam Pride award.

Publieksprijs voor Iraanse boot

The IranPride boat has won the audience prize of the Canal Parade.

Prijswinnaars Canal Parade bekend, Iraanse boot wint publieksprijs

Iranian joined the Amsterdam Pride this year with their own boat.

Here are the 23 best pictures from Amsterdam Pride’s Canal Parade 2018

The juri's selected boat award for best message goes to Meer dan Gewenst followed by Yubi and Iran Boat.

En dan de winnaars!